THE TABLET ¿ 4 W e e k l y N e w s p a p e r a n d R e v i e w


From the Brief o f His Holiness Phis IX to The Tablet, June 4,1870.

V o l . 162. No. 4866. L o n d o n , A u g u s t 12, 1933.

S i x p e n c e .

R eg is tered at the General P ost O f f ic e as a Niw s p a p e b

Page w s and No t e s ......... 193 scow Laughs Again . . . 197 morrow’s Leaders . . . 197 *9 Religious Education of - Jhildren ............................ 199

e Wild Birds’ “ Poriuncula ” 200 >m The Tablet of Ninetyears Ago 201 o Abbots Killed . . . 201 view s : Toney and Men . . . 201 lortomania 202 Down Iloilo ” 202 Die Hidden Chiefs . . . 202



Books Received ................. 203 New Books and Music . . . 204 The C.S.G. Summer School 205 Catholic Education Notes 206 London Matriculation Re­


Coming Events ................. 207 Correspondence :

Rome (Our Own Corre­


spondent’s Weekly Letter from) ............................ 209 Missionary Service and Missionary Sacrifice . . . 210 Obituary ............................ 210 Et Ct e t e r a ............................ 211


Elena Massini, 1915-1933 212 “ It Belongs to the Catholies ” .............. 212 Many Pilgrimages t 0

Lourdes .............. 012 Orbis Terrarum:

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Orbis Terrarum ( Gontd.) :





South Africa





Yugoslavia . . .

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W il ls

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Social and P ersonal . . . 220 Chess . . . 220

N O T A N D A he restored health o f the Cardinal Archbishop Vestminster (p. 193). mother British Ambassador to Red Russia. The 'let draws attention to a letter from the League Nations Union, and asks a question (p. 197). Social Reconstruction. Thoughts on the prepara-

o f Catholic boys and girls fo r their future as ►rkers and leaders (p. 197). Our sea-coast as a national asset. Cardiff’s effort fo r its conservation (p. 196).

W ild birds in captivity. A Franciscan plea fo r their liberation (p. 200).

Last Sunday at Beauraing. What eye-witnesses saw (p. 194).

More about Andorra. The just rule o f the Co-Princes (p. 193).

London Matriculation results. H ow our Catholic schools and colleges fared at the Tune examination (p. 207).

A holy death-bed in the Eternal City. The story o f Elena Massini’s last days, related by her confessor (p. 2 1 2 ).

“ Maria in Gletsch.” A transferred kirchlein by the Rhone (p. 218).

NEW S AND NOTES ^ I 7 I T H jo y and gratitude we acclaim the restora-

* ’ tion to health o f the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, who, during this week, has seen and spoken to many of his clergy. His Eminence looks not only well but very w e l l ; indeed, his few months of enforced rest seem to have enhanced his always remarkable gift of quick and accurate recollection concerning any person or work with whom or with which his activities as a Bishop and as our national leader have brought him into contact. One who saw much of His Eminence during the holiday week-end was more deeply impressed than ever before by the Cardinal’s extensive hnd perspicacious knowledge of the world’s affairs. Although there may have to be a protracted husbanding of strength, and therefore a curtailment of public speaking and preaching, the faithful may rest assured that this beloved Prince of the Church is directing, out of a fulness of ripe wisdom, both the affairs of his own diocese and the larger expansions o f Catholic policy demanded by our growing impoffance in the nation’s life. Many Protestant as well as all Catholic readers o f The Tablet will give thanks to Almighty God for this recovery and will pray that it be long maintained.

Scaremongers who tried to raise a panic in Dublin at the beginning of this week forgot the bond between the Irishman and the Horse. Rebellions and revolutions are not for Horse-Show W e e k ; and so it was clever of the Government to effect such unpopular operations as the taking away of General O ’D uffy’s souvenir revolver at a moment o f national preocupation. The Show, however, is ending while we write these l in e s ; and within a month the holidays will be over. From what The Tablet hears, there will be trouble in the Free State if the gunmen of the Republican Army are allowed to carry lethal weapons and to hold stores of ammunition while men like General O ’Duffy, whose lives have been threatened, are stripped of the means of defending themselves. Mr. de Valera will do well to ask himself what would be his position if certain things happened which are easily imaginable. Last Monday’s hooliganism in Dublin, when ex-President Cosgrave’s car wras stoned, should convince him o f the risks he runs.

Andorra’s affairs are still agitated. In contradiction of what we wrote last week, a Perpignan correspondent assures us that the villains o f the piece are Catalans, who wish to absorb the little territory o f the Valleys. For fairness’ sake we record this French opinion ; and, having done so, we await the results o f the forthcoming General

N ew Series. Vol. CXXX. No. 4,265.