From the B r ief o f His Holiness Pius IX to The Tablet, June 4,1870.

V o l . 160. No. 4,815. L o n d o n , A u g u st 20, 1932.

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NOTANDA Fountains and Buckfast. Last Sunday’s “ united service ” at the one, and next week’ s consecration o f the other. “ Continuity ” again (pp. 235, 241).

The mystery o f Soviet Russia and the British National Government. Ottawa lifts a corner o f the veil (p. 229).

Cardinal Bourne’s sermon fo r the Summer School at Cambridge. His Eminence shows why Catholics cannot jo in always in “ united appeals ” on matters o f public interest (p. 246). ,

Tw o vile movements on British soil. Some “ News and Notes ” on the League o f the Militant Godless and on Nudism (p. 231).

More “ Armies.” A counter-move to the I.R .A . (p. 233).

Among the Western Isles. A continuation o f the sea pilgrimage in the wake o f St. Columba (p. 234).

1 he need fo r more Art-patrons. H ow to become a Miecenas (p. 232).

The O x fo rd Summer School o f the Catholic Social Guild (p. 250).

Cardinal MacRory’s discourse at Slane (p. 230).

NEWS AND NOTES W ITH pardonable pride our fellow-citizens learn that British credit is fast regaining its old primacy. Only one in ten of the 5 per cent. War Loan holders has failed to convert his investment into 3-£ per cent. ; and, as the time for conversion has not yet expired, we may reasonably hope that the total of 5 per cent, stock to be redeemed in cash next December will not much exceed onetwentieth of the whole.

This is the right moment for addressing some friendly words to our rulers. They have just been

N ew S e r ie s . Vol. CXXVIII. No. 4,214.

patting us on our meek heads and have told us, in effect, that we are Very Good Boys and Girls for so readily and cheerfully giving our pocket-money to the Poor. But we Britons do not want to be treated as children and to be told that we may now run away and play till the elders call us to make new sacrifices. We wish to be accepted as colleagues, who have some political intelligence as well as bankbalances, purses and pockets.

Here is a case in point. One of the several factors which worked to give the present National Government an overwhelming majority in the House of Commons was the widespread detestation of the Labour Government’s un-National policy towards Russia. Yet, for nearly a year the National Government, which is glad to have our millions o f money, has doggedly refused to take the nation into its confidence cn Anglo-Russian trade. It has required almost a surgical operation at Ottawa to extract part of the truth ; namely, that the Henderson Administration practically tied us up with Russia and that six months’ notice of intended revision must be given. The notice ought to have been given before last Christmas, as soon as the electorate had rejected Hendersonism by a shattering blow. In the event of six months not sufficing to settle the details o f revision, Moscow would have been only too willing to approve of an extension. If this common-sense procedure had been followed, we should be to-day in a position of economic freedom towards the Soviets : but now we must remain at a disadvantage until the spring of next year. Even to-day, some sinister influence in the National Government perpetuates the discredited Henderson tradition. At Ottawa, our delegates have had to be bluntly told that they appear to put Russia before Canada.

A few words in last Thursday’s Times— printed simply as news and not as irony— reveal a strange submissiveness of our “ National ” rulers towards a Power which does not conceal its hatred of the