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From the Brief o f His Holiness Pius IX to The Tablet, June 4,1870.

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Passiontide. H ow those who have been “ Lenten laggards ” may use the last fortnight o f this year’s Lent (p. 385).

The Future o f India. A n invitation to Catholics with first-hand knowledge o f that country (p. 386).

A famous parish in the Northern Heights. Llis Eminence Cardinal Bourne, in a sermon at Barnet, recalls the labours o f “ The Apostle o f H ertford shire ” (p. 394).

Religious knowledge. A Protestant Alderm an’s dismal figures and the National Free Church Council’s reception o f them (p. 384).

“ The Missionary Training College.” Confirmation from a London suburb o f the H o ly Father’s complaint against Protestant proselytizers (p. 382).

Russia. A Guardian article examined. Politics and the timber-camps (p. 382).

The Spanish Priest and the Charcoal Oven. Mr. Percv Buffard cites a dead man as ch ief witness (p. 383).

NEWS AND NOTES A T Buenos Aires, the Prince o f Wales has performed the chief task o f his long voyage. Both he and Prince George have won golden opinions in the Silver Republic. Forced as we are to defend Latin countries against hardlyceasing attacks, we o f The Tablet are specially grateful to Their R oyal Highnesses, and not least for the Spanish discourse delivered b y the Prince of Wales.

It is not true that the H oly See has made a complaint to the British Government against the Archbishop o f Canterbury’s proposed trip to the H o ly Land. Dr. Lang has as much right as any other Christian to visit the H oly Places. But we cannot shut our eyes to certain dangers. Much as

New S eries. Vol. CXXV. No. 4,140.

Christian men may deplore such a state of things, it is unhappily true that the divisions o f Christendom have long manifested themselves even in the Church o f the H o ly Sepulchre. When Great Britain, the deliverer o f Jerusalem from the infidel, was entrusted with the mandate for Palestine, we all hoped that the League o f Nations would quickly set up a Commission which would succeed in promulgating ordinances for the upkeep and daily management o f the H o ly Places. Nearly thirteen years have passed ; and the Commission has not yet been appointed. Therefore the only way to avoid painful “ affairs ” is to observe punctiliously the existing arrangements. There are AngloOrthodox hot-heads who are so irresponsible that we cannot trust them to protect Dr. Lang from false steps. All that the H o ly See wants in connection w ith His Grace’s visit is abstention from any public act or deed which would add Christian complications to the already difficult situation as between Arabs and Zionists in Palestine. Those Anglicans who are aggrieved because their Primate cannot officiate in the Church o f the H o ly Sepulchre must remember that the Greek Catholic Bishops are under the same disability. The only Catholics who can take part in religious ceremonies in the church mentioned are those o f the Latin rite. It is within our own knowledge that because he was not of the Latin rite a Melkite Bishop, in full communion with the H oly See, had to stand out of a recent ceremony. It follows that Anglicans, whose religious denomination is o f comparatively recent origin, must not regard themselves as slighted when their elders expect them to refrain from innovations which would evoke protests from Ita ly as well as from the Vatican, and probably from France as well as from Spain. The argument that Anglicanism is the religion o f the Mandatory Power will not hold water. The Church o f England is established by law in England only ; but the mandate is British, not merely English. Fortunately Dr. Lang possesses right feeling as well as a good brain, and we do not doubt that he will refuse to be pushed into com promising situations.