Inventing Edward Lear Sara Lodge “Inventing Edward Lear is an exceptional, valuable, original study, presenting new materials on aspects of Lear’s

life and work.” —Jenny Uglow, author of Mr Lear and The Lunar Men

The Novel of Human Rights James Dawes “In his new book, James Dawes argues persuasively that one of the places we might still

find vibrant and critical human rights is in the contemporary American novel ... In an age of clickbait and easy outrage, The Novel of Human Rights is a welcome example of slow reading, hard thinking and the value of reality-testing in dire political times.” —Times Higher Education

Power, Pleasure, and Profit Insatiable Appetites from Machiavelli to Madison David Wootton “[Wootton’s] style is engaging, and he has a practiced eye for

finding the historically telling detail ... Wootton explicates complex social and political theories with admirable lucidity.” —The Wall Street Journal Belknap Press

Not All Dead White Men Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age Donna Zuckerberg “A chilling account of trolling, misogyny, racism, and bad history proliferated online by

the Alt-Right, bolstered by the apparent authority of Greek and Latin Classics. Zuckerberg makes a persuasive case for why we need a new, more critical, and less comfortable relationship between the ancient and modern worlds in this important and very timely book.” —Emily Wilson, translator of The Odyssey