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All The World’s A Stage

This month, the Guitarist team packed its bags and headed down to the all-new UK Guitar Show, along with our pals from Guitar Techniques and Total Guitar. We had a brilliant weekend – big thanks to all the readers who came up to say hello while we were on the show floor. It wasa pleasure to meet you all and I hope you had a great time. My personal highlight of the show was seeing so many of the guitars that RoryGallagher made his spellbinding music with, from that oh-so-weathered ’61 Strat to his 1932

National Triolian resonator. Having listened with renewed admiration to Deuce in the car on the way up, seeing his guitars – each bearing numerous scars of a long and illustrious life on the road – was a poignant reminder of the man’s huge talent.

Thanks also to everyone who came to see me,Nev Marten and Mick Taylor have a bash at some classic Hendrix and Creamtracks in the evening in the guiseof the Cream Experience (see what wedid there?). We’ve performed the set, in various forms, at a few festival gigs over the past year or so, and we love playing such stellar material to an audience of guitar fans. Of course, quality gear helps when it comes to showtime, so we hope you enjoy our review of the stage-ready Custom Shop Fenders that grace this month’s cover and which spring from the inventive minds of the Master Builders. To read the review and hear their insights on what makes the ideal six-stringed companion for gigs smalland large, turn to p84.

Elsewhere in this month’s packed issue, we’re lucky enough to have Kirk Fletcher, a great player and a real gent, pass on some of his bestblues licks in a sixpage tutorial (see p66) that’ll helpmake your own playingmore expressive and musical next time you step up to the mic.If thatwhets yourappetite for learning, check out Richard Barrett’s tribute to the playing style of Robin Trower on p146’s Blues Headlines tuition column. In the meantime, gig done, I’m going back to the woodshed to see if I can’t get a few Rory tunes learnt, too. Who knows, maybe we’ll perform some at next year’s show? Enjoy the issue.

Editor’s Highlights

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