Emerging Topics in Life Sciences

A new journal of commissioned reviews, written for a broad audience. Each issue focusses on a new, or growing, topic and is guest edited by an expert in the field. Editor-in-Chief: Professor Colin Kleanthous, University of Oxford, UK

Forthcoming topics include: COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY Guest Editor: Dr Anton Enright (EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute) GENE EDITING IN AGRICULTURE: BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOSAFETY Guest Editor: Professor Wendy Harwood (John Innes Centre) MICROBIOME IN HEALTH AND DISEASE Guest Editor: Professor Julian Marchesi (Cardiff University) CANCER IMMUNOTHERAPY Guest Editor: Professor Franco Marincola (Sidra Research Center) INTEGRATED STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: NEW DEVELOPMENTS Guest Editor: Marcellus Ubbink (Leiden University) LIFE IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS Guest Editor: Timothy Lyons (University of California, Riverside) CELLULAR MECHANOBIOLOGY Guest Editor: Armando del Río Hernández (Imperial College London) Native Pollinators Marine Microbes Climate Change Organoids


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