Letters & opinions 4 Letters 6 Is Trump right?

7 May’s border blunders

8 The new economics textbook

10 China and the global economy

11 A taste of Prospect online

Who really wrote Shakespeare? plus ’ cartoon strip 12 The view from Paris

Macron vs the media

Speed data 15 That sinking feeling

Climate change and floods

The Duel 16 Do we undervalue the arts in

favour of science?

The way we were 58 Artistic beginnings


Art & books 60 Spies likes us

The drunks who betrayed Britain 65 Selling Frida Kahlo

Her image hides the real artist 67 Inside Putin’s mind

Conspiracies and paranoia 70 The motherhood trap

No, we can’t have it all 72 Books in brief 74 Recommends

Life 76 Leith on language

76 Life of the mind

77 Matters of taste

78 Wine

78 DIY investor

Policy report: Smart Cities 80 What is a Smart City?

80 The UK is missing out

82 Time to play catch-up

Things to do this month 85 Prospect events

Join us at our Book Clubs, talks and debates

Endgames 87 The generalist crossword

87 Enigmas & puzzles


Brief Encounter 88 Peter Florence

“I’m not sure I believe in talent. Everyone I’ve met who excelled at anything did so because of hard work, and a dose of luck.”

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