Inside The Wire 412 | June 2018

26 Cecil Taylor When the revolutionary pianist died in April,

jazz lost one of its most uncompromising individualists. Author, photographer and historian Val Wilmer recalls their encounters

30 Senyawa Javanese musicians and instrument makers

Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi fuse metal with trance to create overwhelming fields of sound. By David Novak

36 Once Upon A Time In Paris In the 1960s and 70s Gérard and Odile

Terronès were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the new thing in the French capital. By Pierre Crépon

42 Laurie Anderson More active than ever, the multimedia artist

and performer discusses a career marked by hybridity, bordlerless networks and a new interest in virtual reality. By Emily Bick


by Harley We

C over: Laurie Anderson

Rouy ( Paris) 4 Masthead

Butcher (Senyawa); Gérard



ilmer ( Taylor); Ben

l W


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Bites 10 Proc Fiskal The Edinburgh producer channels the

sensory overload of the moment. By Daisy Hyde 12 Tansy Davies Environmental apocalypse from the

Rochester based composer. By Robert Barry 14 Rodrigo Tavares The Brazilian guitarist distils beauty from

minimalism, post-rock and the music of his home country. By Francis Gooding 16 Sarah Hennies The percussionist investigates identity

through timbre. By Claire Sawers Global Ear 18 Veracruz The Mexican coastal state is the cradle

of the cross-bred folk form son jarocho. By Patrick McMahon Invisible Jukebox 20 The Storm Bugs Will the post-punk duo resort to chitin in the

face of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Mike Barnes 75 The Inner Sleeve Tashi Dorji on His Hero Is Gone’s Fifteen

Counts Of Arson 106 Epiphanies

How cartoons animated Carl Stone’s youthful interest in classical music

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