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Free speech wars Free speech

18 Writers blocked

We’re being silenced by a culture of umbrage 24 Battling over the mike

Free speech is never really free 26 The truth about snowflakes and censors

Is free speech really threatened on campus? ÁÑ 30 Words that kill

Rhetorical violence paves the way for the real thing 32 Britain needs free speech

And here’s how we can get it 34 The new culture wars

New polling reveals a split country

36 Roosevelt—the last great liberal

Today’s left-wing leaders could learn from FDR 42 The good Muslim delusion

Western states have no place defining Islam 48 Confessions of a number cruncher

The head of the IFS on damned lies and statistics 52 How do we look?

The ideal of the body beautiful was never universal

Prospect Portrait 54 The invisible man

The madness in Daniel Day-Lewis’s method acting