Celebrating 70 years


Coping with housing restrictions


Trees and climate change



What are biostimulants?



6 OPINION HRH The Prince of Wales on 70 years of the Soil Association 8 FARMER & GROWER BOARD Climate-change challenges 9 NEWS ROUND-UP Organic conversions, soil health and more 14 MARKET NEWS A growing export market 16 BUSINESS MATTERS Adding value to dairy and self-service milk 18 BOOM AWARDS Who won the coveted awards? 29 INNOVATIVE FARMERS Cover crops for hops, buckwheat for couch control, lupins and more

20 FEEDING DAIRY COWS IN WINTER Strategies for growing your own feed 22 COVER FEATURE WHEN TREES GET GROUCHY The challenge of climate change in the US 33 GETTING STARTED WITH AGROFORESTRY Report from the Agroforestry Conference 36 LIVESTOCK BIOSECURITY Planning and risk assessement 38 CLIMATE-CHANGE FARM How Mark Diacono of Otter Farm is planting for the future 58 PUTTING RESEARCH INTO GROWING Helen Holmes on research and CSAs

26 RESEARCH Pesticides and bee colony survival, DIVERSify and valuing soil 42 THE POWER OF DATA Discover how data is helping farmers cope with climate change 44 AVIAN INFLUENZA Best practice for coping with housing restrictions should the disease return 46 BIOSTIMULANTS A guide to what they are and which ones you can use 48 THATCHING WHEATS Growing dual-purpose wheat 50 USEFUL BOOKS AND APPS Review of by Peter MacDonald

The Manual of Plant Grafting