contents foreign parts 30 Richard Cockett

Blood and Silk: Power & Conflict in Modern Southeast Asia Michael Vatikiotis 31 Simon Hall

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America Ibram X Kendi 32 Oliver Balch

The Epic City: The World on the Streets of Calcutta Kushanava Choudhury • The End of Karma: Hope & Fury among India’s Young Somini Sengupta 34 Adam Roberts

Nairn’s Paris Ian Nairn biography & memoir 35 Tim Stanley

American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes & Trial of Patty Hearst Jeffrey Toobin 36 Anne Sebba

Joining the Dots: A Woman in Her Time Juliet Gardiner 37 Jonathan Mirsky

Once Upon a Time in the East: A Story of Growing Up Xiaolu Guo • Crashing the Party: An American Reporter in China Scott Savitt 38 Anthony Sattin

Fasting and Feasting: The Life of Visionary Food Writer Patience Gray Adam Federman poetry 39 Declan Ryan

Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals Patricia Lockwood • British Museum Daljit Nagra • Mancunia Michael Symmons Roberts sceptred isle 40 Robert Colls

The Last Wolf: The Hidden Springs of Englishness Robert Winder 41 Tom Fort

Land of Plenty: A Journey Through the Fields & Foods of Modern Britain Charlie Pye-Smith 42 Christine Finn

Ancient Wonderings: Journeys into Prehistoric Britain James Canton silenced voices 43 Lucy Popescu Nabeel Rajab general 44 John Gray

A Guide to the Classics or How to Pick the Derby Winner Guy Griffith & Michael Oakeshott 45 Joanna Kavenna

Essayism Brian Dillon 46 Charlie Beckett

The Power and the Story: The Global Battle for News & Information John Lloyd 47 Wendy Moore

Every Third Thought Robert McCrum 48 Matt Thorne

Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth & Rock & Roll in New York City 2001–2011 Lizzy Goodman fiction 49 Miranda France

Midwinter Break Bernard MacLaverty 50 Philip Maughan

To the Back of Beyond Peter Stamm 51 Cressida Connolly

Forest Dark Nicole Krauss 52 Sarah A Smith

The Power Naomi Alderman 53 John Self

The Locals Jonathan Dee 54 Geoff Mills

The Devil and Webster Jean Hanff Korelitz 55 Sam Kitchener

Beautiful Animals Lawrence Osborne 56 Anthony Cummins

Fever Dream Samanta Schweblin 56 Houman Barekat

The City Always Wins Omar Robert Hamilton 57 Ludo Cinelli

The Zoo Christopher Wilson 58 Constance Watson on three historical novels bookends 64 Pablo George-Nascimento Editorial Nascimento

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