King Salman and President and Mrs Trump at a ceremony in Saudi Arabia 12

Elisabeth Moss as Offred in a new TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale 22


Carmody Grey’s Student Voice ‘Capitalism has made it hard for it to sink in. We are members of the same body’ / 5

Peter Hennessy’s The Lion and the Unicorn ‘The signs are that Mr Corbyn will not walk whatever the result’ / 8

Richard Leonard ‘St Ignatius mistrusted onesize-fits-all solutions. So does the Pope’ / 11


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CONTENTS 3 JUNE 2017 // VOL 271 NO. 9203


4 / Listening to the Spirit A leading theologian argues that Francis’ distinctive vision of the Church as ‘the pilgrim people of God’ underpins his reforms / BY BRADFORD E. HINZE

6 / Labour heartlands get the blues Theresa May is set to head a government with an enhanced majority as former core supporters in key constituencies desert the Left / BY JULIA LANGDON

6 / It’s the thought that counts The Church’s ideas on social justice have been an inspiration for all the major parties, but how much will translate into substance?/ BY CONOR POPE

7 / Beyond the slogans When weighing which way to cast your ballot, consider the consciences of individual candidates as well as the party manifestos / BY PHILIP BOOTH

10 / Benedictine beatnik Dom Sylvester Houédard was both a monk and a leading figure in the avant-garde art and poetry scene of the 1960s / BY LAURA GASCOIGNE

12 / A dangerous deal

As President Trump takes sides in the sectarian proxy wars between Sunni states and Iran, a Middle-East analyst looks at the emerging US policy / BY DAVID GARDNER


24 / The Church in the World / News briefing 25 / Islamists kill Coptic Christian pilgrims

27 / View from Rome 28 / News from Britain and Ireland / News briefing

29 / Rise in reported cases of child abuse



Rebecca Rist Isabella of Castile: Europe’s First Great Queen GILES TREMLETT

Jon M. Sweeney The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America FRANCES FITZGERALD


Visual Art Paul Benney’s ‘Speaking in Tongues’ in Venice LAURA GASCOIGNE

Theatre Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour The Treatment MARK LAWSON

Television The Handmaid’s Tale LUCY LETHBRIDGE

Cinema Cannes Film Festival GEOFF ANDREW

Radio Home Front: A Lightening D.J. TAYLOR

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