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Jeremy Lewis, 1942–2017

We are sad to announce the death in April of Jeremy Lewis, our much loved editor-at-large, at the age of seventy-five. Jeremy began writing for the magazine in the 1990s; in the early 2000s he took on the role of acting editor when Nancy Sladek was on maternity leave. Thereafter, even during the illness he suffered over the last few years, he contributed a regular flow of articles, editorial advice and, when he came into the office, gossip and laughter. His jovial manner belied the seriousness with which he undertook his many writing endeavours, all of which bear the same fluent and warmly observed prose, along with a wistful fascination with the oldfashioned world of publishing that he felt was disappearing, in which men dressed (invariably) in mustard-coloured corduroy jackets and open-necked shirts took long lunches and were not yet in thrall to marketing departments. Jeremy was extremely generous both to young writers in need of counsel and, for a long time, this magazine, where he will be hugely missed. His friend Sara Wheeler has set down some of her memories of him on page 35.

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