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Andante Travels has been a leading provider of cultural travel for 30 years. Our tours are planned and led by historians, archaeologists, writers and broadcasters. They include an expert guide, special access, hand-picked hotels, and tour manager: truly civilised journeys into history...

pompeii Gain deeper insight into Roman life at the iconic sites of Pompeii & Herculaneum.

Throughout 2017 | £1,895

classical sicily Beautiful bays, ruinous ancient cities and honey coloured columns set against blue skies.

Throughout 2017 | £2,675

crete & santorini Discover elegant sites, wild-flowers, and warm Mediterranean waters. Throughout 2017 | £2,450

dordogne cave art Get as close as is possible to the lives of our remotest (and artistic) Ice-Age ancestors. June & Sept 2017 | £2,495

cyclades by gulet Discover atmospheric sites amidst rugged, sun-drenched outcrops of rock. Sept & Oct 2017 | £3,995

iran Uncover ancient Persian majesty at Persopolis; and the most opulent antiquity. Sept & Oct 2017 | £4,845

roman lusitania Explore superb prehistoric and medieval sites across Spain and Portugal. 3rd - 10th Sept, 2017 | £2,250

cathars & crusaders Cathar cities, Catholic abbeys,

and grand ruinous castles perched on craggy hilltops. 4th - 11th Sept, 2017 | £2,495

wild thrace Byzantine, Medieval, and Ottoman monuments, and the richest cultural heritage. 5th - 13th Sept, 2017 | £2,395

wessex weekend Explore a landscape of rites and ritual – and venture inside the sacred stones of Stonehenge. 8th - 10th Sept, 2017 | £595

tanzania & zanzibar Safari through rich and varied history – including the world famous Olduvai Gorge. 8th - 22nd Sept, 2017 | £5,995

rome & sistine chapel Enjoy a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s

Renaissance masterpiece. 18th - 23rd Sept, 2017 | £2,400

~ small groups | fully-inclusive | expert-led | special access ~

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