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There was a lot of excitement in the BBC Wildlife office when we heard from Shetlandbased naturalist and tour guide Brydon

Thomason about the recent amazing encounters he and his colleagues Richard Shucksmith and Peter Hunter had with five humpback whales off the Scottish coast. We were close to our press deadline, with a lot of pages finished, but when we saw the superb pictures and read the account we had to pull out all the stops to make space and share the story (p46). The fact that the trio’s encounter later resulted in a first for Britain made it all the more thrilling.

The second exciting event to occur in the preparation of this month’s issue was the arrival of the Blogger of the Year Award results from our independent judges. The worthy winner garnered the most votes from our panel of four for her informative and humorous blog about wildlife she observes at home and abroad. Her identity is revealed on p50.

Sheena Harvey Editor sheena.harvey@immediate.co.uk


NICK BAKER Naturalist and TV presenter Nick is thrilled by life’s minutiae. In his new column he discusses barnacles. “Never is the excitement as great as when the surprises are close to home,” he says. See p

March 2017

GRAHAM APPLETON Writer Graham shares the joy of recapturing the sound of birdsong with his new hearing aids. He says, “The full richness of a robin’s song immediately brought a smile to my face.” See p

HELEN PILCHER Helen had her preconceptions about earthworms smashed after spending time with a worm expert.“They’re not boring and brown,” she says.“Earthworms are the unsung superheroes of the animal kingdom.” See p


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