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One day in AD 79, the Bay of Naples was thrown into sudden darkness and chaos as Mount Vesuvius erupted, its tephra burying the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and leaving them beautifully and eerily preserved. Today, nowhere gives us such deep insight into Roman life as these two towns — join us in exploring them to their fullest extent with expert guides and special access.

Nicaragua & Costa Rica A Central American Grand Tour, taking in turquoise seas, Maya ruins, and colonial towns.

Hidden Venice Learn the secrets of the exquisite lagoon city with behind-the-scenes access.

The Peloponnese An odyssey through the great ancient sites and timeless landscapes of Greece.

Uzbekistan See the sights of the former Silk Road, from gleaming blue-tiled city to mud-brick fortress.

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Andante Travels has been a leading provider of cultural travel for 30 years. Our tours are planned and led by historians, archaeologists, writers and broadcasters. They include an expert guide, special access, hand-picked hotels, and tour manager: truly civilised journeys into history...

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