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Painting to a poem of Lebanese poet Salah Stetia

Dhia Azzawi was born in Iraq in 1939. He has degrees in archeology and fine art from Baghdad University and has lived in London since 1976 where he works full-time as an artist.

Azzawi is internationally renowned, and has exhibited hi work throughout the Arab world, and in the West - in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, France, India, Poland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and ex-Yugoslavia.

He started exhibiting in 1965, with a One Man Show in Baghdad and a Group Exhibition in Beirut. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions of poster art, drawings, graphic art, calligraphy, and contemporary art, and in many group exhibitions.

ington DC, and at Jeddah and Riyadh international airports.

Azzawi has published limited editions of printed work , which indude Homage to Ja,rnd Selim (1989), Al-Jawahiri \'er e (1990) and Adoni (1991).


....\zzawi today i part of a global cultural movement of break-down and renewal in the Arab world. His painting is genuinely rooted in Lithograph of verses by Iraqi poet Al-Jawahiri

Arab imagination and reality. It achieves universality."

Tahar Ben Jalloun

The public collections of Azzawi's work indude many national museums: the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Library of Congress, Washington DC; the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; the Museum of Modern Art at the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; the Museums of Modern Art in Baghdad, Damascus, Amman and Tunis. His work is also shown in the Gulbenkian Collection, Barcelona, at the World Bank, Wash-

"The poem is very important. It gives the artist a great deal in terms of atmosphere."