Inside The Wire 395 | January 2017

Rewind 2016 photographed by Thomas Brown 4 Masthead 6 Letters 8 Bitstream

News and more from under the radar 10 Trip Or Squeek Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil 19 Unofficial Channels

30 Days Of Dead 107 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

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29 Rewind 2016: the year in underground music 30 Releases of the year We asked our contributors to nominate their top 10 records, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, then we counted up the votes 36 Critics’ reflections Our contributors look back on 2016’s cultural highs and lows 37 The Social Network

Robert Barry on the growing importance of the collective 38 We Are The Music Makers Sam Underwood on inventor musicians 41 Justice For All Laina Dawes on race and resistance 42 The Enigma Machine Keith Fullerton Whitman on the fallen heroes of the Buchla synthesizer 45 Patronising Behaviour Rory Gibb on corporate interference 47 Columnists’ charts Our specialist critics select music that rocked their corner of the subculture, from avant rock to the outer limits 50 Artists’ reflections A cast of 2016’s most active movers and shakers shine the spotlight on their cultural year 53 Archive releases of the year Our contributors voted for their top 10 archival records, CDs, downloads and streams, and we counted them all up

Bites 12 Foodman Footwork keeps the Japanese producer’s synthetic mayhem moving. By James Hadfield 14 Jacques Brodier The French composer rides the airwaves into far distant worlds. By Philip Clark 16 DJ Lag It’s all about drug-free fun for Durban’s young gqom master. By Claire Sawers 18 Tropa Macaca The Portuguese duo surf ’n’ loop their way through humid psychedelia. By Stewart Smith Global Ear 20 Marrakech Cosmo Records’ organic electro-acoustic hybrids shape the future of Moroccan dance. By Holly Dicker Invisible Jukebox 22 Peter Brötzmann &

Heather Leigh The saxophonist and pedal steel player fill their ears with The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Mike Barnes 85 The Inner Sleeve Deathbomb Arc/True Neutral Crew’s Brian

Kinsman on Big Audio Dynamite’s No 10, Upping St 114 Epiphanies Jamaican saxophonist Saxa teaches Val

Wilmer a lesson in rhythm ’n’ rime

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61 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 62 Grime 2016 Better bit o’ Butterz. By Richard Stacey 66 LA Funk Party pastiches. By Rob Turner 71 A Tribe Called Quest The final service. By Michael A Gonzales 73 Harvey Mandel Snake’s alive. By Emily Bick 81 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Virgin territories. By Richard Thomas 83 LAFMS

Divide and conquer. By Byron Coley 86 Print Run New music books: Lil Wayne’s diary, John

Cage in conversation with Morton Feldman, forgotten sound-words, and more 89 On Screen New films and DVDs: Huw Wahl’s Action Space 90 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Earth +

Neurosis, Matana Roberts, Matmos, Death Grips, and more 94 On Site Recent exhibitions: Note Form, London, UK