A revolution in reaching audiences

In recent years we’ve seen a revolution in how concert halls, opera houses and orchestras have made their music-making available to as wide an audience as possible. Many have invested heavily in bringing their performances live to the living rooms of people around the world, allowing someone in America to take a virtual ‘seat’ in the Berlin Philharmonie, or someone in Japan to share the unique experience of English country house opera, all at the click of a mouse. It’s changed the way that organisations think of their audiences, and I suspect the reverse is true too: just as collectors once became familiar with an orchestra’s sound and ethos through recordings, they can now build bonds more easily than ever before through watching them online. We’ve long been championing these developments, but decided it was the perfect time to produce a special supplement focusing on this fascinating and exciting area. Over the following pages, we really hope you’ll discover more about what to watch, how to watch, and what equipment will enhance your experience of doing so. It’s an area that I fully expect to continue to develop in the months and years ahead, so make sure you read Gramophone every month and visit our website where we’ll keep you updated on the latest initiatives and trends. Martin Cullingford E ditor and Publisher, Gramophone

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THE EVOLUTION OF EVENTS STREAMING 5 An increasing number of organisations now stream their performances, many of them for free. There’s no better time to log on, says Andrew Farach-Colton

WHAT TO WATCH 8 A wealth of musicmaking from around the world without having to leave your home preview

AUDIO KNOW-HOW 12 Yes, you can watch and listen to streaming services on your computer – or even your phone – but connecting the sound to your hi- i opens up the whole experience, writes Andrew Everard

CONCERT AND OPERA REVIEWS 14 A sample of the best performances and programmes available to watch online

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