When Saturday Comes No 358 December 2016

Rochdale fans have fun in the sun regulars 5 Editorial People w i t h i n f ootba l l h ave huge i n f lue nce –

it would be nice if they used it for some wider goodratherthanconstantlylookinginwards

6 Sidelines Fans get their marching orders; Qatar Aspire for more; Charlton supporters try to save their bacon; the O’s go Orientearing; Cambridge City’s ground move courts controversy

12 Shot! Glentoran take on Cliftonville at the imposing Oval in east Belfast, with shipyard cranes looming behind

15 Harry Pearson column There comes a time in every fan’s life when they must decide whether to un-support their team, though timing is everything uch symbolic status means cups have become trademarks, ambassadors, holy relics and political pawns Trophies p31

24 Focus on Terry Venables brings long-awaited success to

Barcelona, but things quickly go downhill

36 Euro view Plenty of background change is afoot at both ilangiants;theKurdishteammakingan impact and on the move in Sweden

40 Books The r i s e of Baye r n ; f ootba l l ’s sma l l j oy s ;

earning their Spurs; exploring non-League

42 Letters There a r e ple nt y of r e c yc l ed s t ad iu m pa r t s …

46 Season in brief Black Country rivals Wolves and West Brom battle for the title in 1953-54 FEATURES 16 Fighting back The appetite for hooligan films doesn’t seem to have disappeared; an “authentic” new book has G e r many ’s l i t e r a r y c r owd i n r ap t u r e s

19 Finding an audience The Premier League’s bubble has not burst, but

Sky’s may have; how niche shows are thriving through the podcast format

22 Taking a Peak Alfreton’s foreign investment hasn’t changed their outlook; Buxton remain family friendly in their lofty home

26 Match of the month A lo c a l de r by of debate able f e r o c i t y at Spot l a nd f oxe s pl aye d h avo c w i t h t he s imple s y s t em A sign in the club shop regrets that “home shirts are unavailable in XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL and XXXXXL” Rochdale v Bury p26 simon gil a s Rochd a l e lo ok t o l e ap f r og Bu r y i n t he L e a g ue One pl ay - of f pl ac e s

31 Cup measurements The actual World Cup may be tiny but size doesn’t matter with trophies, it’s all about the feelings they evoke for players and supporters

33 Following a trend Illustrator David Squires tells the story of how football went from the “enemy within” to a favourite hobby of the establishment

35 Moving on When Ron Saunders ended up leaving champions Aston Villa for Birmingham City

38 Hanging on the telephone Journalists used to phone-in match reports but