9 The new radiocarbon dating revolution Full coverage of the breakthrough that is transforming prehistory.

21 Ros Niblett: five decades digging Profile of veteran excavator of Colchester and Verulamium.

27 Roman tile: hard-core or hard data? New research that shows how much we learn from the most common finds of all.

34 Medieval art of death and resurrection Painted stone bosses in Norwich Cathedral cloister tell the story of the soul’s journey into the afterlife.

43 A grandstand view A giant Neolithic timber enclosure revealed beneath a wartime airfield in North Yorkshire.

54 I love the past Digging supplement and guide to fieldwork in Britain. 41 Regulars 4 News George III was here … Kew Palace reopens; Blitzed cinema listed; Metal-detectors: RESCUE replies to David Lammy; Medieval arts treasures go on display in London; More heritage cuts to fund Olympics; Forgotten battle relived.

31 Books Rome’s First Frontier, Inscribed Across the Landscape, Ancient Obscenities, Discovering Medieval Houses, The Megalithic Monuments of Britain and Ireland, The Archaeologist’s Field Companion.

41 Opinion Cei Paynton and Andrew Selkirk debate the sale of antiquities.

48 Last Word The amphitheatres conference at Chester; the government White Paper on Heritage Protection; and Peter Kemmis Betty retires from Tempus books.

52 Letters The Sun and the Stones; Timber rot; Saxons at Leicester; Caesar at Camulodunum; Quakers at New Shoreham; Who was St Chad?; St Chad and the angels.








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