458 Happisburgh & Pakefield

Flint handaxes found embedded in the red crag along the Norfolk Coast suggest that humans were present in Britain in around 700,000 BC - 200,000 years earlier than Boxgrove.

468 Colchester Circus

Excavations reveal evidence for a Roman circus (i.e. chariot racing stadium) early in the Roman occupation of Britain.

480 Medieval London

The Museum of London has just unveiled its new medieval archaeology gallery - the first major re-vamp since its opening.

486 Shoreditch Park

A community archaeology project in Shoreditch reveals terraced houses bombed in the Blitz.

498 Blackland Roman Villa

Excavations reveal a small Roman villa set in an enclosure with a rather grandiose gatehouse.



452 News

Manx Viking hoard; Archaeology axed at University of Wales, Newport; Roman ironworks at Wakerley; Bloodgate hillfort bought by Norfolk Archaeological Trust; PASt explorers; Advisory panel on Christian burials; Iron Age burial at High Pasture cave, Skye; Iron Age bones beneath Newport ship.

476 Carenza Lewis

Carenza Lewis looks back on the Big Roman Dig, and describes her role in elucidating the Roman conquest of Wales

494 Books

Combat Archaeology, Matters of Conflict; Defending Britain; The Tribes of Britain; Flag Fen; Facing the Palace; Castles in Context; and Gold and Gilt, Pots and Pins.


502 Last word

Andrew Selkirk discusses global warming, and looks at books on Outrageous Waves, The Long Summer, and State of Fear.

506 Letters

Community archaeology, Archaeology in Manchester, Missing children, Medieval house plots in Horsham, Crusty Crawford, and Imperial or Metric.





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