52 Redlands Roman Villa A Roman villa overlying a mill.


Norwich Excavation of the graveyard of St Margaret in Combusto where those who had been hanged were buried

60 Diary London, Lincoln, the Wheeler centenary, and the Raunds Area



The A66

Excavations along the Stainmore Pass reveal a Roman marching camp and signalling station


Science Diary Dating the Neolithic, Tins of Death, Ageing teeth, Olives and Amphorae, Science-based Archaeology, Funding, Clifford Price, and Ronnie Tylecote


73 Medieval Bridges David Harrison compares the small spans of medieval bridges in the south with the much larger arches in the north of England.

94 Letters Digging up our own people, Education and the IFA, Military whitewash, A-level archaeology, the

Devil's Quoits, and a "Dig"


77 The Current Archaeology interview:

Catherine Hills and Henry Hurst



The Current Archaeology "Down to Earth" guide to British archaeology. A listing of archaeological societies,

units and other bodies and archaeological courses from now until June 1991.


The Romanization of Britain, The

Roman Inscriptions of Britain, Bokerley Dyke, Megalithic Tombs of Ireland, Rome's Desert Frontier, The

Visible Past, and Rome and its


86 The Glassmakers of San Vincenzo Richard Hodges, Cathy Coutts and

John Mitchell report on the latest discoveries of the San Vincenzo project in Italy.

Cover photo

Heavy lorries pound up the A66 as it nears the peak and the Stainmore Pass. In the foreground is the excavation of the Roman signal station which will be destroyed when the road is turned into a dual carriage way.

69 Milton Keynes Recent work reveals Saxon jewellery at

Westbury, a wheel of Taranis at Wavendon, the seal of Bradwell Abbey and a Roman counterfeiters' hoard.

91 Metrological Analysis Philip Crummy puts forward some ideas as to how Roman forts and towns were laid out.