Surviving the Somme Simon Heffer My father enlisted at 16. One year later, he was on the Western Front

Tom Holland The roots of Isis: jihad and the drive to “purify” Islam

Mary Creagh on Jo Cox’s death Peter Oborne on tax dodgers

Free thinking since 1913

24-30 June 2016/£3.95

Divided Britain

How the referendum exposed a new culture war

By Stephen Bush

Cover art direction Erica Weathers

Cover image Dan Murrell

Mind games: Kevin Barry’s creative rituals 44

Travels by taste: the cosmopolitan wines of Istria 55

The Critics: Arts

44 Tom Gatti meets the award-winning novelist Kevin Barry, author of Beatlebone, at home in Ireland 52 Film: Ryan Gilbey explores the breadth and limits of a director’s imagination in Omer Fast’s Remainder and Julio Medem’s Ma Ma 53 Television: Rachel Cooke gets caught in the middle of messy divorces with BBC2’s Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator 53 Radio: Antonia Quirke looks at the marginalia of great composers in Radio 4’s Tales from the Stave

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What the story about the Welsh niqab wearer tells us Confirmation bias is a powerful force that shapes our politics, says Sarah Ditum

The Chinese loan sharks using nude photos as collateral Barbara Speed on a disturbing new commodification of women’s bodies

Labour MPs record a video tribute to the late Jo Cox The 30 Labour MPs ask: what kind of country do we want?

“Donald Trump’s face is a big, orange Potemkin village”

Helen Lewis, page 7

Cartoons and illustrations by Brian Adcock, Hannah Berry, George Leigh, Jackson Rees and Johnny Savage


The NS pop culture podcast, with Anna and Caroline The new Harry Potter play, Jane Austen’s unfinished novel hits the big screen, and the latest Louis Theroux documentary.

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