JULY 2016 VOLUME 88 | NO 07



28 Gallery: The Bigger Picture Since 2007, the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year competition has provided a showcase for the very best in environmental photography and video

36 Dossier: Germany’s Green Revolution When it comes to renewable energy, Germany is among the world’s most committed nations. Yet as Mark Rowe reports, a project to revolutionise its energy industry is not without problems

44 Infrastructure: A er the Bulls Every year, Pamplona hosts the San Fermín festival. For most people it ends once the bulls and drinks have run out. But Jules Stewart discovers, that’s when the real work for the city begins


50 Cultures: Wrestling with Modernity Peter Geoghegan goes hands-on to ind out why Mongolia’s national sport is changing the country’s image

56 Travel: The Helpful Winds Of Heimaey Vitali Vitaliev visits the Westman Islands off the southern coast of Iceland to ind out how the islanders, and Icelanders in general, have learned to live on top of nature’s own powder barrel

69 Explore: Weaving along the Desaguadero For geography teacher and adventurer Fearghal O’Nuallain, it took local knowledge and an acceptance of the unknown to make it along Bolivia’s 200-mile river in one piece

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Worldwatch 6 Alpine tunnels 8 American bisons; Climatewatch 10 Cartograms; Zimbabwean money 12 Yellow fever; Hurricanes 14 Wildfires; Reports 16 RGS IBG Archive 19 Archive: Maps 20 Where in the World? 23 Geopolitical Hotspot: Philippines 25 Platform: Unnatural climates 27 I’m a Geographer: Leng Ouch

Regulars 49 Young Geographer of the Year 65 Reviews 74 Geophoto: Meadows 77 Discovering Britain 78 In Society; RGS IBG Events 81 Crossword 82 Spotlight: Elephant dung paper






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