OPERA Vol 2 No 6 P BLISHE D BY BALLET fOR THE E _.\.RL O F MAY 1951 HA REWOO D PUBLIC A TIOI\:S LT D A T L C D G ATE H O u s E' I O 7 - I I O F L E E T s T R E E T , E . c. 4

Editor : THE EARL OF J-I .-\R EWOOD Assistant Editor : HAROLD D . ROSENTI-I .-\L


Contents Co,·er .J oao Cross and Peter Pears in T he R ape of Lucretia Photo A ,zem . \le Bran Comment Britten's Chamber Operas :

\\ .. alter Hapke. A lbtrt H erring (Hano,·er) Hans Schmidt-Jsserstedt. Bep.J!,ar's Opera


J--lan" Zimmermann. L tt's :\lake an Opera

(Zi.ir ich)

R. j\f. Lalande. The Rape qf Lucretia


p a,ge 2 7 3

People : X. Peter Pears I?)' I-Ian., Keller 1'ews Corres pondencc Gramophone Records Book Re,·iew Foreio-n Dian· b .

Including reports 01 Curt I.Pei/er, Patrick 'Fumbull and T. de Bemducci Opera Diary including revie1}}J 01 J ohn A mis, 1/~inton D ean and R obert A ickman. Opera Calendar

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