May 1981

Vol 32 No 5

Founded by the Earl of llarewood


HAROLD ROSENTHAL Alan Blyth, Rodney Milnes

Associate Editors Editorial Board Elizabeth Forbes, Arthur Jacobs, Max Leppert,

William Mann, Charles Osborne, Andrew Porter Desmond Shawe-Taylor, John Warrack

Personal Assistant to the Editor Editorial Offices Deidre Tilley 6 Woodland Rise , London NJO 3UH

Opera as Theatre - A conversation between Colin Graham and Harold Rosenthal

Part 1: Towards an ideal company

Hamilton's 'Anna Karenina ' by Noel Goodwin



The 'Frau' in Cardiff and London by Rodney Milnes and Harold Rosemhal 464 Readers ' Letters 468 Obituary 470 Our Critics Abroad: Reports from America, Australia , Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ital y 472

COMI G EVENTS- SUPPLEMENT Including plans for the ENO, Metropolitan , Teatro Colon , Buenos Aires , Florence and Festivals ; 'We hear that .. .'; Opera Calendar ew York ,



New Records


Briti sh Opera Diary incl uding reviews of 'Euridice' at Ri ve rside ; 'L 'Africaine ' and 'Macbeth ' at Covent Garden ; the WNO's London season 522 Student Performances 534 ln Concert 536 On Televisio n 537 Classified advertisements 544

Front cover: Rena ta Scotto and Renato Bruson in 'Macbeth' at Covent Garden