May 1997 Volume 48 No 5

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Fro111 Cover: Michael Chance and Lesley Garrett in the title roles of ·Orpheus and Eurydice· at ENO (Photo: Bill Raffe rt y)

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Uprooting the Garden The Ediror To he ll and back with Gluck Rodney Miln es Readers· Lette rs Volksoper or people·s opera? Dennis Marks replies Opera ewsdesk People 228: Rita Cullis Hugh Canning Russian connections John A llison Ardis Krainik. 1929-97 Palrick J. Smith and Andre11· Porter Obituary Opera Around the World: reports from America. Belgium. France. Germany. Israe l. Ita ly. Switzerland 553-567 COi\ll NG EVEi\TS S PPLE:vtENT

including plans for UK houses: the Met. Saint Lo ui s. Vancouver. Bonn. Amsterdam: Festivals: ·We hear that .. .": Opera calendar home and abroad 567 Opera books 585 British Opera Diary: WNO's

·Carmen·. ·Iphigenie en Tauride· and ·Rigo! tto ·: ·cos) fa n tutte· and ·Tosca· a t Covent Garden: ·Figaro·s Wedding" and ·Madam Butterfl y" at the Coliseum: ·Misper' at Glyndebourne: ETo·s ·Figaro· and 'Pea rl Fishe rs·: ·Orfeo· by Kent Opera 606 Opera on the fringe 609 Opera at the co lleges 611 In concert 612 At the musical 614 Opera on disc 622 Classified advertisements