October 1974

Val 25 No10

Founded by 1he Earl of Harewood

Editor Associate Editor Editorial Board

HAROLD ROSENTHAL Alan Blyth Elizabeth Forbes, Arthur Jacobs, William Mann, Rodney Milnes, Charl es Osborne, Andrew Porter, Desmond Shawe-Taylor, John Warrack

Personal Assistant to the Editor Caroline Hill Editorial Offices: 6 Woodland Rise, London NJO 3UH

Contents In the News

Henze's Progress: From 'Boulevard So litude' to 'The

Bassarid s' by Robert Henderson



People: 104


Josephine Barstow by Eli::abeth Forbes Opera on the Gramophone: 36


'Das Rheingold ' by Alan Blyth Our Critics Abroad : Reports from Australia , America, Belgium , France, Germany, Hungary, Italy 874


88 1- 89 l including plans for Brussels , Nether lands Opera, Turin, Barcelona; 'We hear that. . .. ', Opera Calendar Record Reviews 892 50 Years Ago ... .... 25 Years Ago 908 Covent Garden Statistics 1973-4 9 l 0 London Opera Diary including rev iews of'Madam Butterfly', and 'Don Car los' at the Coliseum In Scotland At Snape In the Midlands What the Public Really Wants - Readers' views Front Cover: Benjamin Luxon as Posa , Cli.ff ord Grant as King Philip in 'Don Carlos' at the London Coliseum

916 924 925 927 928

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