Issue 37 £5.00

‘Painter (man) struggling to make a bstraction im pressive wishes contact others similar interest’ – sm all ads, 1961

DECember 2009

Special Anniversary Issue: 60 Years Young it’s called ‘Pop’ art – Lawrence Aloway introduces the latest youth craze; the Skylon! – Reyner-Banham reports on Britain’s new technological wonder;

exclusive – Matise remembers his youth; David Sylvester introduces the brightest young spark on the scene since Dylan Thomas, and his name is Lucian Freud; bring on the Betamax revolution

(and remember, you heard it here first); Niki de Saint Phale – a madcap take on the fears and thrills of a

‘young girl’; reach for your shades, Grandma,

it’s Op art – Peter Fuler on Bridget Riley; and hey, check this out – some punk called Jay Jopling is setting up a ‘temporary project space’…

Portrait of the Artist No. 15 – Juergen Teller