JULY 2013


18 The first Viking king of England Sarah Foot reveals how Swein Forkbeard triumphed over AngloSaxon England 1,000 years ago

24 Five momentous royal births From Edward V to Elizabeth II, Kate Williams tells the stories of five important new arrivals

30 The forgotten ally of World War Two Rana Mitter argues that China’s war with Japan has been too often ignored by western historians

36 The master of dressage Dominic Sewell on a man who took horsemanship to new heights during the Civil War era

40 Gettysburg: Lincoln’s greatest triumph Brian Holden Reid describes the bloody clash that helped to doom the Confederacy in 1863

51 A survivor’s guide to Georgian marriage Roy and Lesley Adkins offer some advice to a prospective bride and groom in the 18th century



6 Letters

8 The big picture

10 Milestones: It happened in July

News 12 Breaking news 14 World news in context: Bahrain

29 Big days in history by Dominic Sandbrook

39 History on film by Joanna Bourke

49 Changing times by Chris Bowlby

59 Book reviews 11 new history books reviewed

71 TV&Radio What’s on this month

Out&About 74 Where history happened: First World War memorials 80 The Mary Rose transformed 84 10 things to do in July 86 Ye olde travel guide: Astrakhan 1747

Miscellany 93 Q&A: Your historical questions answered 96 Prize crossword and quiz: Win The Official

Dambusters Experience, worth £30 98 My history hero by David Cannadine



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