20 The Black Prince: hero or villain? Barbara Gribling on Prince Edward, the chivalrous victor at Poitiers whose later deeds tarnished his reputation

28 A rail revolution Dan Snow discusses the railways, the ground-breaking form of transport that reshaped British society

36 Medieval money tricks Financial irregularity has been big news lately, but is nothing new: in the Middle Ages such tactics were commonplace

42 Georgian banking blunders Anne Murphy explores a 1783 inquiry into the Bank of England that uncovered corruption and ineptitude

45 The history of western music in 10 milestones From Monteverdi to The X Factor, Tim Blanning chooses key moments that have struck a chord with music fans

52 The Tudor guide to colonising the world Claire Jowitt hails one of history’s greatest travel books, an epic account of English voyages of discovery


58 Malta: BritainÕs island weapon James Holland on the strategically significant Mediterranean island that became a thorn in Hitler’s side


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