18 The shot that sparked the First World War Christopher Clark on how the assassination of Franz Ferdinand sent shock waves across Europe

25 The Anglo-Saxon cunning woman Martin Carver reveals the secrets of an ancient burial

26 Nelson: the unhappy admiral John Sugden questions why Britain’s foremost naval hero struggled to find contentment

32 Crisis in Cuba On the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Mark White explores the role of the Kennedys in the events

38 The last refuge of the monarchy Lloyd Bowen brings to light the story of Wales during the 17th-century civil wars

46 A little history of the world Mark Mazower argues the importance of small states in world history

50 El Alamein Niall Barr explains why he believes this 1942 victory was the British empire’s last hurrah



6 Letters

8 The big picture

10 Milestones: It happened in November

News 12 Breaking news: Richard III

14 World news in context: Paraguay

37 Big days in history by Dominic Sandbrook

57 Changing times by Chris Bowlby

61 Book reviews 11 new history books reviewed 73 TV&Radio What’s on this month

Out&About 78 Where history happened: Astronomy 84 Ten things to do in November 86 Ye olde travel guide: Moscow 1937

Miscellany 93 Q&A: Your historical questions answered 96 Crossword: Win a book on stately homes 97 Puzzles

98 My history hero by Martin Brown

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