ANDREW BROWN writes on virtually i anything. He is working on a book on sociobiology

AS BYATT is a novelist; most recently the author of Babel Tower (Vintage)

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance writer. He is working on his memoirs

ANTHONY DWORKIN is a producer on BBC’s Analysis programme

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH is a fellow of St Antony's College, Oxford. His book The File: A Personal History was shortlisted for this year’s Orwell Prize

HERB GREER is contributing editor of The World +1. He also writes for the Sunday Telegraph and other publications in the US and the UK

SARAH HELM is a writer on the Independent and that paper’s former Jerusalem correspondent

NANCY HYNES is a freelance writer and occasional curator

MICHAEL IGNATIEFF is the author of A Warrior's Honour: Ethnic War and the Modem Conscience (Chatto and Windus)

ANDRZEJ LODYNSKI is a producer for the BBC World Service

SIMON LONG is east Asia correspondent I for The Economist

JONATHAN MIRSKY is a former Asia I correspondent of The Times

VALERIE MONCHI is deputy editor of Prospect

DAVID NATHAN is a writer and j theatre critic

SEAN O’CALLAGHAN is a former member of the IRA who became a police informer. His book The Informer: Inside the IIL4 will be published in May (Transworld)

WG RUNCIMAN is a senior research fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and author of The Social Animal (HarperCollins)

MIKE STEINBERGER is a freelance writer on business and economic affairs; he is based in New York

LARRY SUMMERS is deputy secretary of the US Treasury

NICOLAS WALTER is director of The Secular Society

FAY WELDON is a writer. A Hard Time to Be a Father will be published in May (Flamingo)

DAVID WILLETTS is MP for Havant and opposition spokesman on employment and higher education. The article is edited from The Benefit o f Experience (Centre for Policy Studies)

2 PROSPECT April 1998

Prosped: Issue twenty-nine April 1998

24 ART FOR AFRICA'S SAKE NANCY HYNES What does African art look like? Johannesburg’s second Biennale was meant to answer this question but actually avoided it.

May day. Page 8


DEFENDING THE IMF LARRY SUMMERS The IM F is not perfect but we need it more than ever.

10 MURDOCH AND MANDELA JONATHAN MIRSKY The media mogul is not the only one to kowtow to the Chinese.

12 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SEX WAR FAY WELDON So much trouble and strife. But are women happy? And what about men?

Return o f the native. Page 24

28 SOCIALISING DARWIN WG RUNCIMAN How can Darwin’s concepts of replication, mutation and selection be applied to animals with minds— like us?

Is he redundant? Page 12

14 DEBATE: ART AND MONEY HERB GREER AND DAVID NATHAN State subsidy for the arts: is it money well spent?

ESSAYS 18 IDENTITY PARADES MICHAEL IGNATIEFF Ethnic identity no longer provides a proper basis for citizenship. But what can we put in its place?

The social animal. Page 28

32 HIJACKING MR HUME SEAN O ’CALLAGHAN Sinn Fein has stolen the political space once occupied by Northern Ireland’s constitutional nationalists.

Armed struggle. Page 32