CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE IAN BURUMA is a writer. He is completing a book on Britain and Europe ROBERT CHOTE is economics editor of the Financial Times JEREMY CLARKE is a writer DEREK COOMBS is chairman of Prospect ANTONY EASTHOPE is professor of English and cultural studies at Manchester Metropolitan University CHARLES GLASS is former ABC middle east correspondent and the author of Money For Old Rope (Picador) HELGA GRAHAM writes on the middle east JULIAN LE GRAND is Richard Titmuss professor of health policy at the LSE and author of the forthcoming book Knights, Knaves and Pawns: Human Behaviour and Public Policy DAVID GREEN is director of the health and welfare unit at the IEA PATRICIA HEWITT is MP for Leicester West CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS is a contributing editor of Vanity Fair PETER HITCHENS is assistant editor of the Daily Express MICHAEL IGNATIEFF is the author, most recently, of The Warrior’s Honour: Ethnic War and the Modem Conscience (Chatto and Windus) FRED INGLIS is professor of cultural studies at the University of Sheffield JOSEF JOFFE is editorial page editor and columnist of Siiddeutsche Zeitung in Munich ANATOLE KALETSKY writes for The Times JOHN KAY is Peter Moores Director of Management Studies at the Said Business School, University of Oxford RUTH KELLY is MP for Bolton West RUTH LISTER is professor of social policy at Loughborough University and author of Citizenship (Macmillan) MARION McGILVARY is a writer PAM MEADOWS is former head of the Policy Studies Institute RAJ PERSAUD is consultant psychiatrist at Maudsley hospital JOHN PLENDER writes for the Financial Times FREDERIC RAPHAEL is a novelist JONATHAN RAUCH is national correspondent for the National Journal in Washington DC EDWARD SKIDELSKY is completing an MA at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies ROBERT TAYLOR is employment editor of the Financial Times PETER WAYNE has served 13 years for robbery at Lindholme prison, Yorkshire DAVID WILLETTS is MP for Havant and shadow employment spokesman

2 PROSPECT March 1998


O'Jk?’ ’ The veil o f ignorance. Page 8

OPINIONS 8 THE LESSER EVIL MICHAEL IGNATIEFF Can we do anything about Algeria?

10 BELLA DEUTSCHLAND JOSEF JOFFE says it doesn’t really matter who will be Germany’s next chancellor.

Issue twenty-eight March 1998

19 THE BUGS OF WAR HELGA GRAHAM on why the allied army did not advance on Baghdad in 1991.

ESSAYS 2 0 LIVING W ITH ADULTERY JONATHAN RAUCH Where infidelity is concerned, there are worse things than lying. Hypocrisy is difficult to defend—but it works.

12 SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER? ROBERT TAYLOR The 150th anniversary of 1848 is no cause for celebration.

14 DEBATE: THE LEGACY OF THE SIXTIES PETER HITCHENS AND CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS Should we blame les soixante-huitards for all our current problems?

Read my lips. Page 20

25 GOOD BUSINESS JOHN KAY Successful companies are not particularly profit-oriented; and the people who work in them are guided by the same values as everyone else.

Wrong again. Page 12

Greed is good. Page 25

30 JUDGE NOT? FREDERIC RAPHAEL The arbiters of modern culture have turned their backs on good judgement. Their larky choices are an insult to the public.