Sinking individualism. Page 39

39 THE GOOD MARKET JOHN KAY believes that markets do not need to be driven by greed. In fact they work better when supported by co-operative values. Companies can act in the public interest. They often choose not to.

SHORT STORY 44 DAVE TOO W ILL SELF Relax, you’re one of us now.

66 MUSICAL PROMOTION HERB GREER applauds the British for daring to take musicals seriously. 68 SIGHT AND SOUND CHRISTOPHER TOOKEY regrets the continuing neglect of film music.

SPECIAL REPORT 72 SOUTH AFRICA’S BRAIN WARS SOPHIE PEDDER describes the latest episode in the struggle to define a new South Africa.

WITNESS 50 SHANGHAI-STYLE IAN BURUMA walks the streets of Shanghai. The gangsters and the money are back—but the old flair isn’t.

REVIEWS 58 RUSSELL IN THE BUSHES FREDERIC RAPHAEL on the philosopher and trouble maker. We’ll never see his like again. 61 UNBEARABLE SLOWNESS LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN finds Milan Kundera a disappointing figurehead of a glorious tradition. 64 POUND FOOLISH SAMUEL BRITTAN thinks the sad history of sterling since 1979 supports the case for the Euro.

Dave's id. Page 44

BRIEFING 76 PLAGUES: OLD AND NEW CHRISTOPHER W ILLS Can modern medicine save us from the virulent new diseases or are they getting too clever?

DIGEST 82 Peter Kellner explains the failing of the pollsters in 1992 and their unresolved differences; Jihad Khazen regrets the lack of a free Arab press; Volker Rtihe on the new Nato.


on growing old ungracefully. 57 THE PRISONER PETER WAYNE

A death in prison. 70 THE NET POSITION JOHN CARR No banking on the net. 71 THE LIST Prospect’s guide to lectures. 15 THE LAB JO HN MADDOX calculates the risks of eating steak. 79 I COULD DO BETTER... EDWARD PEARCE

on re-organising English cricket. 85 BABEL JOHN LLOYD

What’s wrong with left journalism? 86 CROSSWORD DIDYMUS

87 BRUSSELS DIARY MANNEKEN PIS Brussels’ invisible women. 88 PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS MARY WARNOCK on two feminisms.

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