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2 PROSPECTJuly1999


Issue forty-three July 1999

OPINIONS 10 Next time, send in the Gurkhas ANATOLLIEVEN The low tolerance of casualties among western publics means that we may have to rely on mercenaries. 12 How manyHolocaust museums? VALERIE MONCHI Non-religious Jews cannot depend on the Holocaust. 13 Does the City need the euro? MICHAELJENKINS The City of London is foreign-owned and could easily slip away. 14 Leaving prison PETERWAYNE How long can Prospect's prisoner survive outside prison?


Ten years in Europe TIMOTHYGARTONASH What if western Europe’s leaders had devoted half the time they spent on Emu to the crisis in the Balkans in 1991? Might they have averted war in Europe? 28 The fall of medicine JAMES LE FANU Despite medicine’s huge success over the past 50 years, why are doctors disillusioned and the public neurotic about their health? 36 Imperialism or barbarism DAVIDRIEFF In the wake of Kosovo, the west must bewilling to match its military action with its moral ambitions. If this requires liberal imperialism, so be it.

ESSAY Edward Skidelsky on the feebleness of English atheism

Freeasabird. 16 China’s year of the anniversary JONATHAN SPENCE Tiananmen is not the only “tricky”anniversary for China’s leaders this year.

DEBATE 18 Is Germany now the sick man of Europe? DAVIDSMITHANDBOBBISCHOF Is the “Anglo-Saxon”model the answer to Germany’s problems?

In England, a tepid faith was easily refuted by 19th-century materialism. But real faith is a passion that cannot be refuted by science. PAGE32