IANBURUMAis a writer. He is completing a book on Britain and Europe

STEPHEN BROWNis marketing manager of Prospect and a writer

DESMOND CHRISTY writes about television for the Guardian

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance writer

JASON COWLEYwrites for The Times and was a Booker prize judge

DAVIDCURRIE is professor of economics at the London Business School and author of The Pros and Consof Emu and Will theEuro Work? (Economist Intelligence Unit)

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH is a fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford and author of The File: A Personal History

CARLO G^BLER is a Northern Irish writer and author of How toMurder aMan (Little, Brown) and W9 & Other hives (Marion Boyars)

SUSAN GREENBERG is the editor of MindField, a new book series on current issues. The first in the series, Hate Thy Neighbour, is out in June (Camden Press)

JEAN-MARIE GUI=HENNO is a senior civil servant in Paris and author of The End of the Nation State (Minnesota University Press)

CHRISTINA HARDYMENTis a social historian with a special interest in domestic life and editor of Oxford Today

PATRICK HARVERSON is sports business correspondent at the Financial Times and a lifelong Manchester United supporter

ARMANDO IANNUCCI is a writer, comic performer, director and producer

GUDIE LAWAETZis a writer and translator living in Paris

RICK NYEis director of the Social Market Foundation

JOHN PLENDER writes for the Financial Times

FREDERIC RAPHAEL is a novelist and broadcaster

MICHAELSCHMIDT is the author of Lives of thePoets which will be published by Weidenfeld in the autumn

PETER SINGER is director of the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University and the author of Animal Liberation (1975)

ROBERT SKIDELSKY is completing a threevolume biography of JM Keynes

POLLY TOYNBEE writes for the Guardian

CHRISTOPHER TUGENDHAT is chairman of Abbey National pic

PETER WAYNEis a writer and recidivist

FAYWELDON is a writer. A Hard Time toBe a Father was published in May (Flamingo)

GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT is the author of The Controversyof Zion (Sinclair Stevenson)

2 PROSPECT June 1998


OPINIONS 8 ENDLESS APOLOGIES IANBURUMA Apologising for the past is an undemocratic tradition.

Confucian over apologies. Page 8

9 THE TWO PUBLICS ARMANDO IANNUCCI on the Mandelbug, Britain’s new populism and the BBC.

10 IRELAND AND THE LEFT GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT Why are English socialists feting a fascistic organisation?

Issue thirty-one June 1998

Fair shares.Page 14

14 PURE PROFIT CHRISTOPHER TUGENDHAT on why the John Kay view of capitalism is wrong.

16 DEBATE: WHAT WOMEN WANT FAYWELDON AND POLLY TOYNBEE Has all that girl power gone too far? Who is most oppressed now?

ESSAYS 20 FOOTBALL GOES TO MARKET PATRICK HARVERSON The Thatcherisation of football has been a mixed blessing for its core working-class constituency.

26 DARWIN FOR THE LEFT PETER SINGER on how Darwinian ideas could provide the basis for reinvigorating the left.

JEWS AGAINST ISRAEL SUSAN GREENBERG Israel was meant to make Jews feel secure, but it has made them vulnerable.

Saw point. Page 12

The left-wing gene. Page 26

31 THE FRENCH RESISTANCE JEAN-MARIE GUEHENNO Can French pessimism about globalisation teach us something about the limits of the free market?