NEAL ASCHERSON is senior assistant editor on the Independent on Sunday

JOHN CARR is a management consultant

LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN is the author of three cookery books and, most recently, Nietzsche in Turin (Quartet)

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance writer

PERCY CRADOCK was British ambassador to China (1978-84) and the prime minister’s foreign policy adviser (1984-92). He is the author of Experiences o f China (John Murray)

NICK CRAFTS is professor of economic history at the London School of Economics

ALEKSA DJILAS is a sociologist based in Belgrade. His collection of essays, Yugoslavia: Dictatorship and Disintegration, 1980-1997, will be published by C Hurst in the autumn

DAVID EDGERTON is the author of Science, Technology and the British Industrial ‘Decline” 1870-1970. His article is based on a lecture given at the Institute of Economic Affairs

STEPHANIE FLANDERS is a leader writer at the Financial Times

SUZANNE FRANKS is currently writing Half a Revolution—Men, Women and Work (Granta)

AH HALSEY is emeritus fellow of sociology at Nuffield College, Oxford

STEVEN HEIGHTON is a Canadian writer. Flight Paths o f the Emperors is published by Granta, £ 8.99

JOSEF JOFFE is editorials editor and columnist at the Siiddeutsche Zeitung

PETER JONES is Scotland and North of England correspondent of The Economist

MICHAEL KITSON is a fellow in economics at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge

ANGELA LAMBERT is ajournalist. Her fifth novel, Kiss and Kin, will be published in June by Bantam Press (,£15.99)

MELVIN J LASKY is former editor of Encounter. He lives in Berlin

JOHN LLOYD is associate editor of the New Statesman

JOHN MADDOX is former editor of Nature

DAVID MARSH is director of European strategy at Robert Fleming

JONATHAN MICHIE is a fellow in economics at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge

PANKAJ MISHRA is a writer based in New Delhi

FREDERIC RAPHAEL is a novelist

MATTHEW REISZ is a freelance writer

MATT RIDLEY is a science writer. His latest book is The Origins o f Virtue (Viking)

COLIN SMITH is a former foreign correspondent on the Observer and started his career on the Guernsey Evening Press

CHRISTOPHER TOOKEY is film critic for the Daily Mail

PETER WAYNE is serving 13 years for robbery at Channings Wood

2 PROSPECT April 1997


Wannabee cloned. Page 8

OPINIONS 8 CLONING AND LIBERTY MATT RIDLEY Why all the fuss? Cloning will bring great benefits.

Divided loyalties. Page 10

10 THE GREAT EXPERIMENT SUZANNE FRANKS A working woman worries about the children. 12 NO NEWS FROM GERMANY JOSEF JOFFE No news is good news—why is the extreme right so weak? 14 EVER ACCELERATING HYPE DAVID EDGERTON The idea of ever faster technological change is not backed by the facts.

Unwiring the future. Page 14

Issue eighteen April 1997

16 DEBATE: ARE WE ALL THATCHERITES? JONATHAN MICHIE/MICHAEL KITSON AND NICK CRAFTS Not everyone has embraced free market economics. Which is more vital: manufacturing and investment or growth and innovation?

ESSAYS 2 0 LOSING THE PLOT IN HONG KONG PERCY CRADOCK The colony would have a more secure future if Chris Patten had listened to the advice of his foreign office officials. 25 RECULER POUR M IEUX SAUTER DAVID MARSH makes the case for constructive postponement of Emu. A premature launch outweighs the risks of delay.

Emu psychodrama. Page 25

30 SERBIA GROWS UP ALEKSA DJILAS witnesses the birth of a dynamic political opposition on the streets of Belgrade.

34 DEFENDING JERRYBAGS COLIN SMITH We may have been drawing the wrong lessons from the German occupation of the Channel Islands.