Under the umbrella. Page 18

.‘38 LONELY TSAR JOHN MORRISON assesses Y e lts in ’s first five years in office and explains why he has failed to c reate a m ovem ent for reform .

Changing tune. Page 38

SHORT STORY 46 SAVING THE KREMLIN VIKTOR PELEVIN on a Chechen assault on Yeltsin’s K rem lin .

WITNESS 5 1 SHALOM McWORLD JULIAN OZANNE goes c lubbing in Jerusalem and m eets Israel’s New Z ionists.

REVIEWS 57 BEAUTIFUL METAPHORS, BAD SCIENCE ANDREW BROWN on how R ichard Dawkins confuses DNA w ith God.

60 MISSED FIT HERB GREER on M anchester’s theatrical flop.

61 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN EDWARD PEARCE on how to avoid Melvyn B ragg a t th is year’s l i te ra ry festivals.

62 THE FIRST MAN OF FRANCE DOUGLAS JOHNSON Camus gets the b iography he deserves.

64 NO MUDDLE IN THE MIDDLE STEPHEN POLLARD considers w hy th e new D em o c ra ts will prevail in the US.

66 SERIOUSLY FUNNY GERMANS BARBARA HAUS Are G e rm an film s g e t t in g funnier?

BRIEFINGS 70 EAST ASIAN MYTHS GERALD SEGAL debunks all th e Asian m y th s he can th ink of.

14 EUROPE’S COURTS OF JUSTICE BOB TAYLOR explains why an obscure co u r t in L uxem bourg is now in the news.

DIGEST 82 M a rtin Kilson on Cohn Powell and the black m iddle class; Charles M oore on E tonians; M a r t in M ansergh on peace in Ireland; H oward Davies on Barings.

Krem lin farce. Page 46

REGULARS 4 /7 8 LETTERS Anthony Barnett on John Lloyd. 6 CURIOSITIES 44 CHARACTERS THEO Half the man his father was. 45 MODERN MANNERS JEREMY CLARKE sees New Zealand and nearly dies. 50 THE LIST 56 STRICTLY PERSONAL FREDERIC RAPHAEL on Jews, himself and England. 68 THE NET POSITION JOHN CARR on how to get a place at university. 69 THE PRISONER PETER WAYNE on bullying and boredom in prison. 77 BABEL JOHN LLOYD on shaping the new conservatism. 80 THE BOOKS AC GRAYLING on mind and consciousness. 81 THE LAB JOHN MADDOX hunts for a depression gene. 86 CROSSWORD 87 BRUSSELS DIARY MANNEKEN PIS Who controls Europe’s think-tanks? 88 PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS LUCY KELLAWAY on being married to a football fan.

PROSPECT June 1996 3