WITNESS 46 EDUCATING PETER PETER WAYNE writes from prison about the demise of prison education—one of the few effective tools of rehabilitation.

Stakes. Page 39

REVIEWS 51 AN UNEXCEPTIONAL BOOK ALAN RYAN on why America is both the most dynamic and the most dangerous western country.

54 MONSIEUR BUTTERFLY DAVID LIPSEY on why the followers of intellectual fashion—John Gray among them— are all falling for communitarianism.

56 IT TAKES A VILLAGE ID IO T PJ O’ROURKE The book that has had all of Washington smirking: Hillary Clinton's naff self-help guide.

It could be God. Page 34

59 A KNIGHT AT THE OPERA EDWARD PEARCE thinks he can do Jeremy Isaacs’job.

60 GOODBYE IN BERLIN SARAH GELLNER asks whethere there are still East German films. 62 AN ABSTRACT ENGLAND NORBERT LYNTON on England’s fondness for Constable and disdain for abstract art.

INTERVIEW 64 WALTER VELTRONI BEPPE SEVERGNINI talks to the man who wants to turn Italy’s ex-communist party into an American-style Democratic party.

Too abstract? Page 62

BRIEFINGS 68 NATO’S GREY ZONE PHILIP GORDON When will Nato expand? And who will be allowed in?

72 DRUGS-LEGAL AND ILLEGAL DUNCAN CAMPBELL on why everyone is talking about legalising drugs except the politicians.

RESEARCH 76 R ID ING CHINA’S TV DRAGON KIM GORDON Communism may still be ruling China but in the television industry the audience—900m viewers—is God. Rupert Murdoch wants a stake.

ENDS 82 D IG EST Europe and Asia; Hamas bomb reactions; the Americanisation of culture; Ireland: end of the ceasefire.


REGULARS 43 WHAT IF?... PHILIP GOODHART Nigel Lawson had worked on Sundays.


50 CHARACTERS THEO She loves too much and suffers. 75 THE LAB JOHN MADDOX on the cloning hype.

79 THE L IST Prospects guide to lectures.

80 THE NET POSITION JOHN CARR on air sickness bags.

85 BABEL JOHN LLOYD Is the press too free?

87 BRUSSELS DIARY MANNEKEN PIS on the Germans in Brussels.

88 PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS JOHN PODHORETZ regrets calling Buchanan a nice guy.

PROSPECT April 1996 3