Unveiled - My Story Shanon Jacobs 978-1-4931-9408-7 Hardback | £19.99 978-1-4931-9409-4 Paperback | £6.00 978-1-4931-9410-0 E-book | £1.99

Chaffi nch Charlie and Other Foibles Jack Michael Weinblatt 978-1-4208-9569-8 Paperback | £8.99

Shanon Jacobs captures her life in words through poetry in Unveiled My Story. It tells her story as a young woman who struggles in life; how she managed from childhood to adulthood, scared and frightful at times, just to be brave at other times; how she conquered pain, the loss of a loved one, believing in higher power, and always having hope, ready to face another day. Via couplet poetry, she keeps us captive with a simple yet inspiring story.

Chaffi nch Charlie, a gangster retired to the Cost A Lot, has a bar in which he runs girls for profit. He has been in and out of prison, develops certain pragmatism and realizes that profit and power are the only weapons in today’s society. But when his top girl runs off with a wealthy man and marries him, he gets upset. He decides to take revenge on his previous employee, the lady that had run off to get married.

A Flower in a Box Bradley Perera 978-1-5049-8827-8 Paperback | £11.95 978-1-5049-8829-2 E-book | £2.99

Reflections In Poetry With Uncle Tony Uncle Tony 978-1-4567-7831-6 Paperback | £6.99 978-1-4567-7832-3 E-book | £6.99

A Flower in a Box is a collection of poems about the becoming of choice, delving deep into matters revolving around the interconnectedness of existence. Through pulses of rhythm and rhyme, it depicts the collective mindset shared between individuals. It artistically portrays the bond of people and how each one’s thoughts and observations echo amongst each other. A masterful display of wordplay, this omnibus of creativity is bound to stir the minds of readers from first poem until last.

A Product of Insanity Sylvan Lightbourne 978-1-4567-8389-1 Paperback | £7.74 978-1-4567-8469-0 E-book | £5.99

R e fl ections In Poetry With Uncle Tony captures the broad spectrum of human experience and attempts to engage the view points of readers in a manner that will provide a platform for dialogue in a poetic context. The author employs humor and lightheartedness to make all his writings relevant, relatable and emotionally accessible. This anthology is a story of life and a shining testament of the power of poetry to make singular experiences universal. Be inspired and invigorated today!

I Believe Garth Hodnett 978-1-4990-9605-7 Paperback | £13.99 978-1-4990-9604-0 E-book | £2.99

A Product of Insanity is eye opening literature for the 21st century minds. Minds that has been transgressed from the 20th century into the 21st century with valour and bravery to learn the “beyond” with regards to how far the human mind can go, philosophically or metaphysically. This book will give you a sense of longing to understand “free radical engineered thinkers” and how they adopt to society and the way they create hypothesis of governments, governance, ruleship and law.

The Apostles Creed is one of the earliest summaries of the Christian faith. It is a simple statement of 12 beliefs – each central to Christianity. Each statement begins with: “I believe”, and is the summary of a certain belief.

I Believe is an important contribution to understanding the meaning of Christianity. Written in easy to understand, but never superficial, language, this engaging book is for anyone who wants to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of Christian thought.

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