God’s Zoo: An Introduction

– 1 –

Th e Poet, the Anarchist, the Master of Ceremonies Whose Tale Contains a Desk Inlaid with Midnight Blue

– 9 – Swimming in the Tigris, Greenford Th e Poetical Journey of Fawzi Karim

– 35 – Old Turk, Young Turk Moris Farhi and his Journey to the Fountain of Youth

– 64 – Once Upon a Time in County Cork One Woman’s Journey from Th ere to an Area of Manifest Greyness

– 89 – My Problem with Brahms And How Nelly Akopian-Tamarina Came to the Rescue

– 119 –

Ana Maria Pacheco’s Journey to the Underworld

Or, Misfortunes of a Sardine

– 146 – A Metaphysical Shaggy Dog Tale Th e Four Lives of Andrzej Michał Maria N. Borkowski

– 177 – A Tree Grows in Brixton Brian Chikwava’s Dark Adventure in ‘Harare North’

– 203 –