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6 ANNIVERSARIES 11 HISTORY NOW 1 1 The latest history news

1 4 Backgrounder: the North 1 6 Past notes: Britain’s roads

Man’s best friend or favourite dish? Find out the history of Paris’s dogs on page 41

22 French Terror Marisa Linton reveals how the architects of violence found themselves on the block in revolutionary France

30 Death camp Britons Gavin Mortimer tells the tale of three men who found themselves at the heart of the Nazi extermination system

34 Anne of Cleves Tracy Borman argues that Henry VIII’s fourth wife should be remembered as a Tudor success story

41 A dog’s-eye view of Paris Chris Pearson describes the history of the city’s canines, who have served in its police force and fed its inhabitants

44 Make Catholics pay! Ted Vallance relates the a ermath of a plot to kill George I, which led to the persecution of a whole religious group

50 Crime and the Blitz The bombing of British cities in the Second World War o ered fresh opportunities for criminals, says Joshua Levine

55 Glorious monarchs Dan Jones o ers his historical tips for enjoying a long and prosperous reign

18 LETTERS 21 MICHAEL WOOD’S VIEW 48 OUR FIRST WORLD WAR 62 EVENTS 65 BOOKS Thelatestreleases,plusChristopher Tyermanonthecrusades

77 TV & RADIO The pick of new history programmes

80 OUT &ABOUT 80 History Explorer:

the Norman conquest 85 Five things to do in September 86 My favourite place: Lisbon

93 MISCELLANY 93 Q&A and quiz 94 Samantha’s recipe corner 95 Prize crossword

98 MY HISTORY HERO Midge Ure selects the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh

29 COMPETITION Calling all budding history writers

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55 The kings and queens who knew how to keep hold of their crowns

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