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6 ANNIVERSARIES 11 HISTORY NOW 1 1 The latest history news

1 4 Backgrounder: the NHS 1 6 Past notes: the Derby

On page 48, David Turner reveals the tough lessons of the English public school system

22 Did Anne crave the crown? George Bernard questions whether we’ve misunderstood the relationship between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

33 King John on trial Was the manwho sealed Magna Carta England’s worst medieval king? Marc Morris reviews the evidence

38 The artful assassin Richard Gaunt on the work of James Gillray, who became Georgian Britain’s greatest satirist

42 Colonel Blood Robert Hutchinson introduces a double agent from Charles II’s court who tried to snatch the crown jewels

48 Schools of hard knocks Victorian public schools were hellish and violent and failed to prepare the pupils for real life, argues David Turner

52 Waterloo: the turning points Ten moments that de ned the campaign, as picked by Julian Humphrys

56 Our Waterloo obsession Tim Blanning analyses just why this particular Napoleonic battle has commanded our attention for 200 years

18 LETTERS 21 MICHAEL WOOD’S VIEW 28 OUR FIRST WORLD WAR 31 READER SURVEY 65 BOOKS Thelatestreleases,plusAntony BeevorontheArdennescampaign

77 TV & RADIO The pick of this month’s history programmes

80 OUT &ABOUT 80 History explorer: in the footsteps of Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wight 85 Five things to do in June 86 My favourite place: Corfu

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98 MY HISTORY HERO Lorraine Kelly picks Ernest Shackleton

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38 The works that made James Gillray the king of caricature


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