Hilary Mantel reveals why she finds Thomas Cromwell so fascinating on p28

22 The rise and fall of Henry’s henchman Tracy Borman traces the ups and downs of Henry VIII’s explosive relationship with his chief adviser, Thomas Cromwell

28 Exclusive interview with Hilary Mantel The acclaimed Wolf Hall author tells Rob Attar why she believes Thomas Cromwell has been a victim of “intellectual shoddiness”

34 Rome in crisis Harry Sidebottom on how 250 years of imperial stability came to a bloody, chaotic end in the third century AD

43 James Bond: the spy who loved Jamaica Matthew Parker reveals how author Ian Fleming’s love a air with Jamaica was re ected in his famous spy novels

50 Fortress Britain: 1940 An array of terrifying weapons would have made Britain a tough nut for Nazi invaders to crack, says Leo McKinstry

57 The Anglo-Saxon who (almost) united Britain Nick Higham pro les Ecgfrith, the Northumbrian king who ranks among the most powerful men in British history

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50 The deadly weapons designed to halt a Nazi invasion of Britain in its tracks


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