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22 Medieval violence Hannah Skoda asks whether the Middle Ages were really as brutal as portrayed

29 New year’s resolutions Expert historians suggest the resolutions key historical gures should have made

36 Wallis and Edward VIII Stephen Bates explores the love a air that cost the king his throne

44 Was Edward II murdered? Ian Mortimer and Nicholas Vincent debate whether the body of evidence casts doubt over the king’s demise

50 War and Peace How closely does the epic novel re ect Russian history? Sarah Hudspith compares fact with Tolstoy’s ction

54 Get back into history Charlotte Hodgman o ers ideas to help you reignite your passion for the past

61 Are we blinded by history? Daniel Snowman questions how we use the past to serve political purposes

6 ANNIVERSARIES 11 HISTORY NOW 1 1 The latest history news

1 4 Backgrounder: Russia in Syria 1 6 Past notes

18 LETTERS 21 MICHAEL WOOD’S VIEW 42 OUR FIRST WORLD WAR 67 BOOKS The latest releases, plus Lara Feigel discusses postwar Germany

79 TV & RADIO Our pick of January’s history programmes

82 OUT & ABOUT 82 History explorer: swinging sixties

87 Five things to do in January 88 My favourite place: Vancouver

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98 MY HISTORY HERO RussellWatsonchoosesMarioLanza

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44 Do we know the real story of the death of King Edward II?

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36 The love a air that rocked the monarchy


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