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"s'-t-Here Tenhysori i s supposed to- have 'written, part of his,'’, ^^L'J.dylls. of the King' a ballad steeped pn witch.lore/.l. : .. « ^ ?V :> T h e Magical P r in ce of Wales in 1402 whose b ir th was PvWvheralded by com ets in the night sky and h orses standing in; j$ ^ fc lo o d in the s ta b le s , coincides with h is to r ic a l fa c ts that.’



~iiji402 did begin with t e r r i f i c thunderstorm s as portent of;

Iff e a r , and a comet of f ie ry fury did s tre tch a c ro s s the; ^heavens, the ta il curling up like a flam ing dragon, b r i l l ia n t red against a dark blue sky and th is f ie ry dragon.then became' *the badge of the Welsh nation. ... . : ’• M e l i d e n :;.:h./ . Y -.; ;

Famous fo r the lead-m ines where m in ers believe that: ^^ i^ fk hpckersl.or.;..'n p .c a s '.,a nd . goblins.,m ake.-noises.'of digging

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