R e su rg e n ce Yol 6 No2 Journal of the fourth World Price 46p



G EN T L E GHOST is a house, a place to talk, to eat and to leam, a place to meet and to 9et to know others. Gentle Ghost is people who want to enjoy working and would lik* to help others »s they earn their own living. Gentle Ghost is a community centre based at S3 Norland Road, London W11. Tel. 01-603 8983. L O N D O N S C H O O L O F NON-VIOLENCE. Lectures and discussions every Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm a t The Crypt, St. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London. For details phone 01-267 0878. WWOOF - Working Weekends on Organic Farms. For details send sae to WWOOp, c/o K 3 Sabine Fload, London SW11. CLAP 4% T A X , the tax on 4 * of y our income for radical and imaginative projects. 615,060 raised for revolutionary projects in the last year. Send 1454p in stamps for latest CLAP Handbook. CLAP, c/o BIT, 146 Great Western Road, London W11. (Tel. 01-229 8219). H EA LTH FO R TH E NEW A G E Are you interested in self-development relaxation, meditation and healing? Or in finding answers to questions like: who am I? what am 1? what is my purpose on earth? can I be a healer? how cen I be Wealthy? Write for details:- 1a Addison Crescent, London W148JP

PUBLICATION S COMTEK '74-. Notes and photos on the Community Technology Exhibition: Comtek. Over 600 useful no-esses with a brief description of events and participants. The next Comtek exhibition will be held m Beth from 2-10 August. Further r formation and this booklet, 25p from Jennie Hiles, Comtek, 13 Bedford Street, Beth. PEDAL POWER. Cycling and the Eenronmant by Phillip Braehi — A*a leaflet issued by the British Cycling Bureau, Greater London -to.-se, Hampstead Road, London k iw i. Enclose s e e . G R E EN P EA C E Save Water - bath wto a fnend. This is but one item f***n the Greenpeace Manifesto' — a 4C-paint guide for the individual *e>cn j a more environ mental way H «fe. Single copy free with » e

Aa»ce News, 8 Elm Avenue, koeorgham, or 100 copies for i 1 . . E S A L FRAM EW ORKS HANDBOOK for communes or collectives. Yen man: to live in a commune, or 'to*"jmunity', 'co-operative', cole c - r e ' etc. and you need a piece to u-ue n This handbook is mainly about the legal arrangements you can have, as a group, to make buying (or renting) a place easier. It has some notes on raising money, and on ’intemail things you will probably nged to agree. 11 contains in full a promising new form of model constitution for a housing association. And there are some 'case histories' - examples of what some existing groups have done. This booklet is the outcome of a conference on 'Legal Frameworks for Communes and Self-Managed Projects' held at Laurieston Hall in May 1974. 50p from Laurieston Hail, CastlftDouglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. P R IO R IT Y FOR A G R IC U L T U R E The case presented in this Paper is that the development plans now in course of preparation by local planning authoritiesthroughout the country, together with the government'* thinking as revealed in the white, paper, 'Land', fails to take account of the urgent need, in the light of world food shortages, for this country « least to maintain, if not increase, its stockof agricultural land in order to grow Wore food. The paper considers that the neats of agriculture, wild land and forests are being seriously underestimated by planners who are urban-based and urban-orientated. 50p from The Conservation Society, 12 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AAWHOLE EA R TH . A magazine devoted to ecological, seif-sufficient life-style - 'live simply so that others may simply liver. Lots of information especially fo r people living in and around Brighton. 10p per copy plus postage. Whole Earth Group, 54 Queens Park Road, Brighton. TH E SO IL ASSOCIATION, which promotes the principles of organic farming, issue a fact-packed journal bi-monthly to an members.

Membership is £5 (or £ 3 for Students;. Write to the Membership Secretary, Soil Association,Walnut Tree Manor, Haughley, Stowmarket, Suffolk. A E TH E R MAGAZINE is produced from a croft by e group of communard -farmers and alter native technologists Subscription 78p for six issues. From Aether, 3Cairnleith Croft, Ythanbank, Ellon, Aberdeenshire. NORTHERN D EM OCRAT. A New publication fo r and about the North of England. NO- has been created to provide a forum for those who dr® interested in the idea of democratic regional government with the hope that from the debate will emerge a movement to achieve selfgovernment for the North. Sub £3 (eight issues per year,). Box 215, 101 Blantyre Road, Liverpool L15 3HT. L IB ER O int't. A new libertarian bi-monthly published bv a collective, focussing on the anarchist movements of Japan, konea and China. Those interested in the energetic libertarian history of Asia should write to Libero int'l, C.P.O. Box 1065, Kobe, Japan 650-91. NEW HUMANITY. A journal to fulfil the Med -for the spiritualisation of politics It includes all areas of human ende»voor but especially Karma, reincarnation, ufology and the psyohic sciences. Sub 62.50 for S issues from 51 A, Y o rk Mansions, Prince of Wales Priv-e, London SW11. P LAN ET DRUM. A seasonal bundle of Information, ideas and visions about our mutual inhabitation of this planet. North Pacific Rim alive is toe third bundle-The material all comes from the countries of the rim, from Japan, China and West Coast America' it Is ecological, geological, philosophical and politicel. Beautifully designed. Highly recommended, it it not necessary to pay to receive rt but if you can, sand some money. Planet Drum, PO Box 31251, San Francisco, Calif. 94131. WORKING PAPERS Fo r a New Society, quarterly, focuses on the prospects for rebuilding America, it brings together ideas about how America might be reconstructed along more humane, more egeKtorian, more participatory, less violent, and l « s expansionist lines. Sub $ 10 per year. From 123 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. E A R TH 8 R EA D . The Earthbread film reviews more than 3ooo years o f bread history. Making bread is easy, fun and the beginning of selfreliance end health. A whole grain recipe booklet goes with it. 16mm, colour, sound, lasts 20 minutes and costs £3 to hire from Concord Film s, Nacton, Ipowioh, Suffolk.


D EFEN D THE 14- Saturday, 3 May. A Public Meeting, NUFTO Hall, Jockeys Fields, Hoi born, London. Speakers include Joan Maynard UP, Jo Gerson (VVRJ), Paul OsCneicher (Amnesty International), David Harding (FO R ) , Peter Ham (Liberal PartyJ, Maureen Colquhoun MP) and others

This meeting will be held in support o f the fourteen pacifists charged under The Conspiracy Law. The fourteen support the British Withdrawal from Northern Ireland. More details from BWNIC Defence Group, Box GO, e/o 197 Kings Cross rin i I |,)pdilil i m l | l 01-837 9? 9 4 7 ^ WELgfT NO TO EEC. Dafydd Thomas, Plaid Cymru MP, will jpeak. at 7pm on toe 7to May o n . W hy Britain should got out of they Common Market. LSNV, Tire Crypt, St. Martin in the EsBfas, ^Trafalgar Square, L ondoOpe*"^ GAWUHf 'lU tM 'fT D a y conference organised by the Commonweal

T rust, Saturday 17 May, 1976, in Cheltenham, a t Unitarian Chutoh Hail, Royal Well. Speakers-. Devi Prasad, Geoffrey Ostengaard, Ronald Sampson Further details from the librarian, 112 Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham, Gloucs. G L5 2 2NW,

NO THROUGH ROAD. "A Public Inquiry into a proposal for a sixlane Superhighway to si ice through (and fly over) all the holiday resorts of the North Wales coast, opens at toe Winter Gardens, Llandudno at 10.30 on May 20th.

Anyone concerned to save what is left of our railway system, anyone determined that the Road Lobby should cease deciding our transport policy for us; anyone concerned to save lend and housing stock and to see that the fifty p«r-centof households without cars should have at least some hope of travelling around - anyone in a word who wishes to establish some sort of transport sanity and to bring the concrete Superhighway nightmare to an end ahould come along at that time and on that day. Contact for more information: Graham Carey, 6 Granville Terrace, Bingtey, Yorks. Tel. Bingley (097-66) 68973.*' PRO FESSO R M ICHIO KUSHl SEM IN AR The Acupuncture Association and Tyringham Clinic announce an important seminar (London Tara Hotel from 31st May). Oriental medicine and philosophy; physiognomy; the acupuncture points aocording tn the laws of yin and yang and Ch'i energy; macrobiotics, shiatsu massage; oriental folk medicine; oriental method oh healing by the laying of hands; integration of oriental medidne into western practice. The seminar is opan to all practitioners in the healing arts, write for details to the Secretary, Professor Micriio Kushl Seminar, Tyrmgham clin ic, Newport Pagnell, Bucks. M K16 0 E R .

WAR R E S IS T E R 6 . Nonviolwit Political Alternatives: 15th Triennial Conference of VJer Rejisters International, 12-19 July 1976 Leeuwenhorst Co ogres Center, Noondw'u'kerhout, T h e Netherlands.

SUMMER CAMP ON C R E A T IV E S U R V IV A L . 6th to 27th August, ■overcoming internal attitudes and val ues preventing harmonious change of life style, ■sharing o f skills end crafts, * exploring dependency and selfsofficienoy, ■examining present World crises and their implications for us personally, ■practical work through establishing an instant village at Cerv\ Houses Farm, Upper Wnarfadale, North Yorkshire.

Enquiries to Tony Hodgson, Shan took Studio, Bovingdon, Herts. HP3 ONG.