RESURGENCE Vol. l. No. 7. May/June 1967

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Africa A. J. Muste Student Ferment Vietnam

The Economics of Intermediate Technology

E. F. Schumacher


David Kuhrt

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The Total Revolution

QUOTES: Dave Cunliffe

Nat Hentofj Elspeth Huxley Hans Sinn Aldous Huxley

An Open Letter to Arnold Wesker

John Papworth


Peter Cadogan Olwen Battersby


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The Celtic League

A Ian H eussaff

What Power ? To Whom ?

Werner Pelz

Resurgence Affairs




Editorial Group

Neil Collins, John Furnival, Jacob Garonzhki (Business Manager), Graham Keen (Art Work), David Kuhrt (Poetry Editor), Brenda Jordan, Sybil Morrison, Peter Taunton, Roger Franklin. Editor : John Papworth.

Next Issue

The Critical Size of Nations

Leopold Kohr

Owing to pressure of space the review of Colin Wilson's ' Beyond the Outsider' by Anne Vogel has had to be held over until the next issue.

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This Issue

DA VE CUNLIFFE is a poet working in a state institution for the sick. He is the Editor of Poetmeat, one of the most exciting of the small magazines, and the Total Revolution first appeared in the current (No. 12) issue. He is still carrying a heavy burden of over £100 debt for a fine plus "costs" from a recent "obscenity" trial at Blackburn for publishing an analytical collection of graffiti. The case was an important landmark in the struggle for literary freedom and attracted the support of many outstanding names in the literary world. Readers who would like to share the burden of this particular battle are invited to send a donation to him at Screeches Publications, 11 Clematis Street, Blackburn, Lanes. DAVID KUHRT started writing poetry at Art School where he trained as a graphic designer. After a year in advertising he felt disinclined to help the capitalist enterprise further and spent a year at an adult education college. He then went abroad for 15 months, including six months studying art therapy. Last year there was an exhibition of his paintings and drawings at the German Cultural Institute; is married and has one child, and teaches at Portsmouth College of Art. ALAN HEUSSAFF was born in South-west Brittany in 1921, joined the Breton National Party in 1938 and was a member of the Party's defence section which established a unit to fight against the French partisans when they were assassinating its leaders in 1943. Recognised Nazism as evil but saw, like many Bretons, French Nationalism as a more immediate enemy. Was wounded, and after the Nazi defeat went underground in Germany where he started his academic studies as a physicist. Completed these in Ireland where he now lives with his County Donegal wife and his six children. WERNER PELZ was born in Berlin of Jewish parents in 1921 and has lived in England since 1939. Became a Christian and was subsequently ordained as a Minister, but is now working as a free lance lecturer, broadcaster and writer. Is the author of "Distant Strain of Triumph" (Gollancz), " True Deceivers" (Collins) and, with his wife, of " God is no more" (Gollancz). Dr. E. F. SCHUMACHER is the remarkable Director of Statistics who works for the National Coal Board and whose writings on questions of aid and development have attracted so much attention in recent years. He was educated at the Universities of Bonn, Berlin, Oxford and Columbia (New York) and has worked in business, farming and journalism. Since 1946 he has been Economic Adviser respectively to the British control Commission in Germany, the Government of Burma and the Indian Planning Commission. He is the main inspiration behind the Intermediate Technology Group, about which he writes in this issue.

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